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Engine Pack

Engine Pack

Durable zipper canvas bag ready with a staple gun, staples, tape, permanent marker and a variety of engine company level signs. This kit is useful for engine companies, hand crews, dozers, or law enforcement to scout and label routes to a fire, identify life hazards, identify TRA/safety zones, complete WUI structure placard during structure protection/evacuation times, direct other units to water sources, or label any other critical information. Comes with 35 signs! Feel free to add more as this bag can hold over 100 signs.Comes with 35 signs!

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    This pack comes with the following signs. 10 ICS 256, 5 Directional Fire Road, 5 Directional Water Source, 5 Life Hazard/Killer Tree, 2 Drop Point, 2 No Engine Access/Type 3 Access Only, 2 TRA/Safety Zones, 2 Directional Arrow. This pack also comes with a staple gun, tape and a permanent marker. 

    This pack also comes with a staple gun, extra staples, tape and a permanent marker. 


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